In general, the Head Hunter looks for executive levels of high resolutive performance to be adapted to the needs of the company at the moment requested. Likewise, it is necessary to relate the methodology of work with the high levels of the organization in order to obtain more profitability.

In Head Hunter Perú, the starting point is to increase the position profile, to know the organizational culture and the context in which the business develops; besides the position expectations, goals and objectives. With all this information, the consultant advises to the employer to determine the job competences required for the position.

In this way a research labor begins, where an exhaustive analysis of the market is made, mainly in companies of the competency where the ad hoc professional could be found. When the research work is finished and the first contact with the candidate is established, the consultant who will evaluate the competences of each one appears on scene, besides to know the attitude and motivation the person has for a projection and real change.

Head Hunters Peru has tools which will allow, together with a big group of experts, to determine the skills it has: Assessment Center (with Gesell rooms), interviews for competence indicators, research of its job and financial references (score).

After this process, we are able to introduce to our clients those candidates that fulfill with the expectations of the organizational growth, generating worth and satisfaction.


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