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We believe in meaningful work. Therefore, we are committed to making a conscious counseling to the success of all stakeholders in our service: client, candidate and consultant.

In this context, we are passionate about the goal of helping our customers find the best talent, people capable of developing their full potential and act as agents of positive change that will lead the transformation and head towards the success of the organization.

On behalf of the Head Hunters Peru team I am pleased to welcome you to our website and invite you to be part of our service experience.

Our counseling and experience involves seeing beyond, seeing what nobody sees, going where nobody else goes.


Better Together is our service philosophy. It is what we breathe, our way of being and our way of doing. It is commitment and passion to work shoulder to shoulder with our team, candidates and clients to walk together through the process and bringing success to all the parties involved.

Client: Better Together

It means generating an experience of care and service: being present and walking along with them throughout the process with the warmth that characterizes us. It means feeling part of them and advising them to make the best decision. Their risks are our risks.

Candidate: Better Together

It means being present and walking along with the candidate throughout the selection and transition process. Generating a positive change in their life so that they will always remember us.

Crew: Better Together

It means making sense of our doing. To really feel that what we do has an impact for us and for those around us and that is transcendental in the world. It strengthens our vocation, our identity and self-esteem, which inspire our personal growth and motivate us to perform well.


The expertise and treatment of our consultants are present throughout the process in order to provide specialized and personalized counseling. Our team consists of professionals in the areas of organizational psychology, clinical psychology and anthropology, with local and international training with our leaders in charge.

Guillermo Winter

Executive Director

Ana María Risso

Executive Search Manager


We consolidate the holding Head Hunters Peru, Link Consulting and Previus, as a solid and united organization under the concept of family.

Corporate Values

  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Empathy
  • Warmth

Service Values

  • Personalized Counseling
  • Standards of Ethics: Confidentiality and Transparency
  • Quality: Speed, Professionalism, Objectivity and Accuracy
  • Market Knowledge and Business Strategy
  • Synergy


OUR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE: Promoting the success of our customers as strategic partners and specialized consultants in the identification, evaluation and development of human talent.

OUR COMMITMENT FOR A BETTER WORLD:: Promoting responsible actions to the sustainability of our environment and the development of our employees.


Be the first choice in Peru; in the service of identification, evaluation and development of talent; with internationally positioning.


We are not indifferent to the world around us and we deeply appreciate acting responsibly with our environment.

We are committed to the implementation of a solid policy of quality management as well as building a culture of responsibility, leading programs that will contribute to the development of the country and will certify us as a socially responsible company.

Our annual work with children in vulnerable situations and neglect in the home Villa Martha, in Pachacamac:


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac


  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac

"Light of a New Life"

  • Home Villa Martha, Pachacamac