Leaders Are Not Born, Are Found

We are passionate about our goal of helping our clients find the best executive talent, people capable of developing their full potential and act as agents of positive change that will lead the transformation and head towards the success of the organization.

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On behalf of the Head Hunters team I am pleased to welcome you to our website and invite you to be part of our service experience. Guillermo Winter Mickman, Executive Director.

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We are part of the Agilium Worldwide – Executive Search Group International Network

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We are members of the AESC, the highest body to represent executive search firms in the world.

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Our methodology

“Executive Search is the combination of science and art”

Each search process is unique, and so is each profile and each human being. Therefore, we do a thorough monitoring of each process, from start to hiring, and even during the adaptation time of the executive in the new organization.

Stages of our process:

Our counseling and experience involve seeing beyond, seeing what nobody sees, going where nobody else goes.

Guillermo Winter/Executive Director

From the hiring, to the monitoring of the new collaborator, we advise and accompany our clients in the cultural insertion of the new member.

Ana María Risso / Executive Search Manager
Head Hunters Perú
January 25th, 2016

The perfect fit

Setting the cultural fit between the company and the candidate is an indisputable practice to ensure success in hiring...

Head Hunters Perú

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