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Press Notes

78% of executives request a ruler with a competent and honest team. Studio Head Hunters Peru 2016

A study of 200 high command managers and executives revealed which are the desired characteristics in a leader who will occupy political office. The most prominent are... Read More (Spanish Only)

Ranking of the 100 best CEO in the world.

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) presented yesterday its research "CEOs with better results," a ranking... Read More (Spanish Only)

6 Manager Profiles

President of Head Hunters Peru tells us about the different profiles of the Peruvian manager and their characteristics... Read More (Spanish Only)

Between 30 and 40 years, the graduate is a yes or yes.

Eight out of ten searches done by a headhunter prioritize the applicant academic profile... Read More (Spanish Only)

Hiring executives is an art

Hiring a top-level executive should be entrusted to specialized companies because it is a very delicate task... Read More (Spanish Only)

Challenges for mining staff

The portfolio of mining projects in Peru, in the short and medium term, estimates investment amount of approximately... Read More (Spanish Only)

Tips for executives

Whereas the cost of replacing an executive in your company can achieve 200% of their annual salary, the concept of retention... Read More (Spanish Only)

How does the process of Executive Search work?

Executive Search process by Head Hunters Peru from HEAD HUNTERS PERU... Read More (Spanish Only)

Infographic: The profile of CEO of today

Not all companies have a CEO succession plan, so when the time has come they should look for a... Read More (Spanish Only)