Our Methodology

The Executive Search is a combination of science and art. It is a methodology that takes up a group of experts to counsel a client to hire the best executives of high resolving performance, which can occupy an specific position in their organization.

Each search process is unique, and so is each profile and each human being. Therefore, we do a thorough monitoring of each process, from start to hiring, and even during the adaptation time of the executive in the new organization.

This methodology is used to search for senior executives and middle management executives, and seeks to provide the customer:

  • Counseling at every stage of the process.
  • The short list of the required level, and
  • The candidate that brings added value to the company, which adapts quickly and remains for a long term.

Stages of our search process:

01. Cultural Fit

Our group of experts meets with the client to identify the correct profile of the candidate, taking into account the corporate culture of the company and the needs of the profile. The profile considers the hard and soft skills of the candidate.

02. Smart Research

Our Researchers conduct a thorough investigation looking for the right profile in target markets locally and internationally. Fieldwork can gain valuable labor market information for our clients. At this stage we make a SCREENING to the prequalified candidates and analyze their working career.

03. Knowledge Meeting

We make a presentation to our client with the results of our research where we expose the LONG LIST with the profiles we have found and provide knowledge of the real situation on the labor market.

04. Assessment Center

Our "Assessment Center" allows us to interview candidates and situationally ASSESS the skills required for the profile. We analyze their career, their professional profile, their hard and soft skills, and their personality; always considering the cultural fit so the selected candidate suits the organizational culture of the client.

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05. Decision Time

We prepare a comprehensive report of the 3 finalists containing work references, credit score and a deep analysis of the profile of each and one of them, so the client can interview them and make a decision. We assist our client in the preparation and presentation of the Offer Letter and during the negotiation process.

06. Better Together

From recruitment to monitoring the new member of the organization, we advise and support our clients throughout the cultural integration of the new member.

Our Differential

Our service philosophy: Better Together

We are not providers of top talent, we are counselors committed to the success of the company, always minding to be strategic allies for the prosperity of all parties: client, candidate and headhunter.

of Cultural Fit

EVALUATION of Cultural Fit

We have specialized experts in analyzing the corporate culture and business context where the candidate is going, allowing a narrower search of the requested profile. In the first step of our process called "Cultural Fit" we lift a session where the following organizational culture research techniques are applied:

  • Ethnographic Observation.
  • ualitative and Quantitative information gathering tools.
02 Post Recruitment

Post Recruitment Monitoring

After hiring the candidate, we provide them a 1 year monitoring schedule, for better support in their adaptation and introduction to aspects of organizational culture raised in the first stage of our process.


Assessment Center

We have simulation exercises, both individual and group. These are specifically designed to measure certain skills, and are carried out in our Gesell room which is equipped with the latest technology. Each of our exercises has a single assessment guide that occupy our behavior experts in organizational environments and the development of human capital.

04 Personalized

Personalized Counseling and Market Knowledge

During a process there is a team involving one anthropologist, one researcher, one consultant and one coordinator and manager. Each consultant simultaneously handles a limited number of processes to concentrate their mind on each and serve with our quality standards.

05 Global

Global Reach, Ethics and Quality Certification

We have a network of contacts at local and international levels, as well as compliance with standards and codes of ethics certified by the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

06 Evaluation

Our Offices and Evaluation Rooms

We offer our own infrastructure representing the client, with modern facilities, offering privacy and confidentiality.